Hello and welcome to Skirting the Issue!

Skirting the Issue is a way to share commentary on the what I find to be the most thought-provoking gender issues of the day. It is also an open invitation for you to engage and share your own perspectives. No BS, no beating around the bush – just Skirting the Issues.

A little bit about me:

I studied gender theory in a graduate program at the London School of Economics, where I became increasingly aware that many of the important discussions on gender that occur within academia often get stuck there because they aren’t translated to mainstream media in a consistently meaningful way (or at all).  Likewise, theorizing in academia is often totally out of touch with reality.

Reality hit hard after I graduated in 2009 – not exactly the best time to be looking for jobs period, let alone jobs connected to the humanities type fields I was passionate about. I took a temp job at a hedge fund and worked my way up to a full time position, eventually building out and running the fund’s daily research publication. Working in an industry where I was consistently one of the only women in the room (never mind standing at the front of the room) made me acutely aware of ingrained biases in the industry – but it was also an opportunity to redefine how women like myself are perceived and treated.

This blog is my continued attempt to “mind the gap”, and throw my weight (and perhaps yours!) behind closing it.


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